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Telling the terroir

Since 2017, Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite engaged Blackadder in a long-term adventure. The group took the opportunity at the Vinexpo show in Bordeaux to start a collection of tableaux that presents their vineyards in a different way. These tableaux must have a technical, communicative and aesthetic value.



Long Dai (Shandong Province, China)
Château d’Aussières (Aude)
Château Rieussec (Gironde)

Château l’Évangile (Gironde)
Viña Los Vascos (Chile)
Bodegas Caro (Argentina)



The challenge is the need to integrate innovative graphic design while giving free rein to the imagination and still present scientific and technical data. Blackadder chose to be innovative, but in a way that was respectful to the Domaines’ soul The intuitive confidence The Domaines have in our creative process was key.

Blackadder - Barons de Rothschild Lafite, Tableaux

Paint the soil whilst strictly respecting its podiatric strata; show the estate with its built environment and characteristic terroir; insert precise data such as grape varieties; these factors inspired us to design these tableaux as giant pages (200 x 125 cm format) in a travel diary.

Blackadder - Barons de Rothschild Lafite, Tableaux

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Today, each tableau has returned to its original domain and is used for educational and communication support. Owner, cellar master, technician, everyone must find the essence of their practice intact in them. The public, on the other hand, engage with these representations as a way to enter into the vineyards.

Blackadder - Barons de Rothschild Lafite, Tableaux

Long Dai

Shandong Province, China




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