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Helping a luxury brand demonstrate the full extent of its expertise
in an area where emotion is supreme

40 years

of expertise in

26 letters

Kaviari asked our studio to create a communication tool to share the knowledge it has acquired in the world of caviar over 40 years.

the art of


From Kaviari’s working experience and lab notes, our studio designs an object that will help them continue the path they have already traced since the opening of La Manufacture in Paris in 2017, an eco-museum entirely dedicated to caviar and seafood that expresses, above all else, the passion these craftsmen have and their desire to share it.

« ‘Abécédaire : petit livre où s’apprend l’ABC’.
Seul Émile Littré pouvait donner une définition aussi concise d’une invention aussi noble. De découvertes en rencontres, de curiosité en surprise, l’abécédaire est déjà un arbre à promesses. Il annonce des fêtes continues, des banquets de mots. Alors, imaginez, quand cette fête devient le mariage de vingt-six lettres et d’un seul mets : le caviar. La substance même de la fête, don de la nature et savoir-faire de l’homme. L’abécédaire et l’œuf d’esturgeon se marient sous nos yeux.
Faits l’un pour l’autre, ils s’attendaient. »

Abécédaire du Caviar, Kaviari, extrait

“ The ABC, the first three letters of the alphabet – the building blocks of language. It sounds so simple at first, but soon grows into worlds of excitement and discovery, where single letters become delicious words, then whole feasts where readers can feast on tales of delight. Imagine, then, the joy of combining twenty-six letters with one, single delicacy: caviar – nature’s gift, sculpted by masterful hands into the very essence of feasts and festivity.
The ABC of caviar is delightfully tempting, almost as if it were meant to be. ”

The ABC of Caviar, Kaviari, extract

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